Bank on BANKS for HSE School Board


Banks Aug 2018-3

Platform and Bio

As a 15 year resident of Fishers, I have decided to run for the open school board position in District 4 for the Hamilton Southeastern Schools. My platform is very straight forward and is based on the acronym of providing leadership in SAFE schools for the students of HSE. After reviewing my platform, I respectfully ask for your vote for me on November 6, 2018.
S The “S” stands for security. The reason I chose “SAFE” as the acronym for my campaign is because the most important thing we can provide our students and teachers is a safe and secure environment in which to teach and learn. Without a sense of security, the ability to teach and learn will be undermined. As a former deputy prosecutor, I worked hand and hand with law enforcement for almost 10 years. As a private attorney, I continue to regularly assist in training law enforcement. I can leverage my relationships with law enforcement to help determine and implement the best course of action to ensure the safest possible environment. Specifically, I want to see a school resource officer assigned to every building. These officers can build relationships with the students to help identify and help at risk youth who may be more likely to engage in violence. Additionally, the presence of a school resource officer in the building gives the school an on-site first responder to any emergency situation. I will fully support the school and mayor’s initiative to address any mental health issues our students are facing. Additionally, I commit to study and consider any other reasonable security measure that can be safely and prudently achieved.
A The “A” is for academics. Once a secure and safe environment is achieved, the next most important area is academics. In Hamilton County, we are blessed to have some of the best educators in the country. I pledge to support our teachers in making sure that they have all the resources they need to provide the best learning environment possible. Additionally, we must make sure our schools remain competitive in the educational field to ensure we retain and acquire the best of the best in the teaching profession. Supporting the academic side of our schools to make sure each and every student has the best possible learning experience will be of the highest priority, and I pledge to act in a manner consistent with this priority as a school board member.
F The “F” is for facilities. Like many of the other areas of our school system, HSE is blessed with world class facilities. These facilities must be maintained, expanded and refurbished in a prudent manner to ensure their continued excellence. I want our staff and students to have the best of school buildings and athletic fields. Priority should be given to developing the greatest learning environments and then focusing on athletic facilities. I pledge to work diligently to maintain and expand our facilities in a prudent financially responsible manner ensuring they remain in top condition. It will be important to consider the facilities in implementing an effective safe security plan.
 The “E” is for extracurricular. Keeping our children involved and active in extracurricular activities is essential to maintaining a secure school. Extracurricular activities of all kinds help our students remain active in a positive way as well as grow closer to the school and their peers in reaching common goals. Whether it is the football team or the speech team, extracurricular activities build bonds between our students and their schools. These activities build relationships and pride that help connect our students to their schools in a positive way. I pledge to support our schools’ vast amount of extracurricular activities to make sure they continue to prosper and excel. Keeping students connected and involved in their school helps them have a positive attitude toward their school, which in turn contributes to a safer environment. Whether its sports, academic bowl, band or choir extracurricular activities are a vital part of the school experience.
About Brad
I grew up in Marion, Indiana graduating high school in 1993. I am a 1997 graduate of Purdue University with a BA in Communication and minors in Supervision and Political Science. I graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law with a J.D. in 2000.
I started my career in private practice in 2000 working for Blachly, Tabor, Bozik & Hartman in Valparaiso.
In 2003, I began my career in public service as a deputy prosecutor serving as a misdemeanor and then a major felony prosecutor in Hamilton County from 2003 to 2006.
In 2006, I served as a major felony prosecutor in Marion County(Indianapolis). During my tenure in Marion County I also served as a homicide prosecutor and was a division chief supervising approximately 36 attorneys.
In 2012, I started my own private law firm with fellow deputy prosecutor Adam Brower. We have 6 attorneys and 8 support staff members that work with us and our office is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis.
I have been married to my wife, Jenny, for 19 years. We have two children, Trevor, 13, and Sydney, 9. Trevor will be an 8th grader at HIJH and Sydney will be a 4th grader at Thorpe Creek Elementary. Jenny and I have called Fishers home since 2003. We have resided in the 4th school district of HSE the entire 15 years we have lived in Fishers. We have lived in Royalwood, Avalon, and now Silverton.
My family and I are active members of the Holy Spirit at Geist Catholic Church. I recently completed the Christ Renews his Parish weekend and am currently working with my CHRP “brothers” to plan the next renewal weekend.
Community Involvement
While in Fishers, I have served on the HOA Boards of both Royalwood and Avalon. Additionally, I just ended an 8 year run as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Fishers Soccer Club/Indy Premier Soccer Club. I most recently served the last 2 years as the President of the Indy Premier Soccer Club Board of Directors. I also have served as a coach and league sponsor for the soccer club.
Over the last 8 years, I have served as a “Big Brother” in the Big Brother’s Big Sisters program. I have enjoyed providing a guiding hand for two different “Little” brothers.
My law firm, Banks and Brower, and my wife and I are huge supporters of the Hamilton Southeastern Schools. I have served as a parent volunteer at both HIJH and Thorpe Creek Elementary. In addition, my law firm has been a long-time sponsor of the HSE Schools Foundation Game Day event and I have personally supported the Game Day event.
In Valparaiso, I helped reinstate the Valparaiso Junior Chamber, serving as its founding President.